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Central Stores Office

The Central Stores Office located at New Delhi with functions relating to procurement, stocking and distribution of engineering stores required for the maintenance of technical equipment at All India Radio Stations. The stocking of these are however, done only at AIR Centers. It has no jurisdiction over the procurement and issue of Engineering stores and equipment required for execution of projects financed from the capital budget. The head of office is the Director (Engineer).

Local Radio Stations

Local Radio Station is a new concept of broadcasting in India. Each of the stations serving a small area is basically utility oriented and reaches right into the heart of the community it is meant to serve. The program broadcast from the local stations are predominantly field based flexible and spontaneous and serve as the mouth piece of the local community.

Central Stores Staff List

Sr. No Name Designation Contact No.
1Sh. Sandeep Singh Director (Engg.)9871917071
2 Sh. R. N. Meena Sr. AO8800994228
3 Sh. Jitendra Sarswat AE9818276918
4 Sh. Umesh Chandra AE9871765714
5 Sh. M.K.Goel AE9868859844
6 Smt.Rita Dhawan Head Clerk 9958417270
7 Sh. Sadin K. Barua Hindi. Translator 9810301963
8 Sh. Vinod Kumar UDC 9599114424
9 Smt. Pratima Sharma UDC 8447251181
10 Sh. Rakesh Kumar UDC 9968076265
11 Sh. Kedar Prasad Meena UDC 9868443394
12 Sh Mitthan Lal Meena UDC 9968486009
13 Sh. Dhan Singh UDC 9818675808
14 Sh. Virender Kumar UDC 9811581513
15 Smt. Anguri Devi UDC 9968232533
16 Sh. Ram Lal Mehto LDC 9555361209
17 Smt. Farzana Ali LDC 9990770727
18 Smt. Anita Sharma Steno gr-II 9999470134
19 Sh. Vipin Kumar Daftry 9650241274
20 Sh. Nand Kumar Helper 9968280906
21 Sh. Kuldeep Kumar Helper 9013539122
22 Sh. Ganga Sahay Meena Security Guard 9968280830
23 Sh. Ram Gopal Farash 9891965987
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